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Thanks for the heads up Bill. I have a few questions on behalf of the devils advocacy.

What specifically separates this implement from other "tools" used to manipulate a BB?

Is it the magnetic aspect that "attaches" it to the BB? Too permanent?

Is it the fact that it can somehow stay attached to the BB in spite of the magnetism (due to gravity or friction or whatever)?

If so, should anything magnetic (say, a light screwdriver with a magnetic tip) be likewise avoided?

Clearly, this implement is treading in a gray area of the law, and users should be very wary of using this in California (I wouldn't)
. My concern is that if this implement is being marketed as a "tool" and not an "accessory" then wouldn't it reside in the same territory as muzzle breaks (legal) vs. flash suppressors(illegal), if you get my drift?
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