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Originally Posted by Swatguy10_15 View Post
If he is able to transition from suspicious to pc and then finds the weapons after youve said no.
None of the advice on this thread has stated that we should lie to a cop and tell him "no" when we are in fact carrying weapons.

The advice is to avoid directly answering the question (which would be giving up our 4th and 5th rights) by clearly stating that we are carrying nothing illegal, and to refuse consent to search.

If he is asking for consent, he does not have RS or PC. If he has RS or PC, he will not ask for consent, and refusal of consent cannot be construed to RS or PC. The intimidation that many feel when faced by an officer makes them feel that refusal to consent would be used at RS.

If a person chooses to give up their 5th amendment rights and answer the question directly, then yes... it would be stupid and big trouble to lie.
- Rich

Originally Posted by dantodd View Post
A just gov't will not be overthrown by force or violence because the people have no incentive to overthrow a just gov't. If a small minority of people attempt such an insurrection to grab power and enslave the people the RKBA of the whole is our insurance against their success.
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