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Thats NOT great advice.. Yes, YOU ARE obligated to tell an officer you have weapons if he asks. Look up "officer safety doctrine" and all the associated case laws. If he asks you if you have any weapons, you give that kind of answer, he subsquently asks if he/she can search your vehicle and you reply no..He will find a reason to. At first hes limited to basically the interior of the vehicle "within arms reach"..If he is able to transition from suspicious to pc and then finds the weapons after youve said no..Now youre in kim chi..To what extent is arguable, but why go through the hassle?
Dont give them a reason to stop you for one.. Secondly, if youre asked a simple question,lying will not go over well..If youre weapons are legal and compliant then why lie/play word games? Stay legal and theres no issue even if you do have weapons.
No one seems to want to evaluate the reasoning behind the LEO's doing what they do. Youre in SO Cal, its a rough town. There is a HUGE gang problem and weapons are an everyday thing. Officers die because the wrong people have firearms.Civilians die, because of firearms in the wrong hands. Try placing yourself in theyre shoes... Traffic stops are THE most dangerous of all contacts with the public. Instead of just assuming theyre out to get you and that evil OLL, just talk to them like the humans that they are..The bullet buttons a pretty much accepted thing now..Stay safe, stay legal and all will be well.
Embrace the suck.

"If anything worthwhile comes of this tragedy, it should be the realization by every citizen that often the only thing that stands between them and losing everything they hold dear... is the man wearing a badge" -Ronald Reagan speaking of the newhall incident in 1970.
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