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Cool Handling Traffic Stops When Guns are Present

Originally Posted by Blackwater OPS View Post
You are under no legal obligation to tell an officer about firearms that may be in your vehicle, but there is no reason to lie to him. Just say something like, "There is NOTHING illegal in this vehicle officer." If he asks again, say, "with all respect I already answered that." Don't give him anything else.
This is the best advice I have found here thus far. I've been stopped and searched once when I was coming back from a plinking trip by Riverside County Sheriff LEO's. Back then, I did not know how to handle being asked "Do you have any guns in the car?" Being naive as I was, I answered "Yes," believing simple honesty was the best policy. Moments after answering, I was told to step out of the car, was searched and handcuffed (I had the misfortune of wearing a black leather jacket, chains, and baggy pants), and sat in the back of a squad car while everything was searched. I had my Saiga 762, my Ithaca 37, Sigma 9mm, Universal M1 Carbine, and my Kel-Tec Su-16CA in the car, as well as a large amount of ammo. The whole damn ordeal was a royal pain in the ***. After everything was searched, the cops made nothing of wasting my time and I was off, paranoid about the "searching rights" of cops. If only I knew back then what I know now. I'll be ready and waiting for the next stop by LEO's this time.

Also, in my experience in that stop and search, it seemed that as long as the guns you have are not LOADED, it is just fine to have LOADED MAGAZINES and/or AMMUNITION in the same container as the UNLOADED gun (My Sigma was empty, but there were 4 loaded mags next to it in the same original box).
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