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Hello, Rogue, and mcubed,

We'll be continuing the second Saturday event as long as people continue to like the idea of the may become a much smaller event during the winter months, but thats alright.....if it becomes a 'fun shoot' for a relatively smaller number of people, thats alright.......but we really do need to bring in some 'newbies', to 'keep good faith' with the agreement I made with the membership of the Rifle Club, for the free use of the range facility.

Probably, Mike Clough will attend with some number of his 'JROTC' young people, at this upcoming event. They may.....and thats *may*.... offer to do up some food for the attendees. I'm not about to *request* that of them again, after they did such a nice job of 'field-expedient mess service' for all of us, a couple of events ago.

Since we're at the time of year when darkness falls around 1730-ish, and it may be uncomfortably cold outside, it may not be practical to run the barbecue......that said, we have a standing offer of the use of Dean Peterson's propane-fired barbecue, which is kept at the range, and I can bring a tank of propane. If someone wishes to take charge of doing up some barbecue for the event, just let me know by Friday evening.

For the winter months, tho, its probably more practical for people to bring 'potluck' munchies, and for someone to be willing to bring pizza for all.

(as I've said earlier, the event will be whatever the attendees care to make of it.......we're providing the range use, some 22 rifles, and some 22 rounds.....past that, its up to those who are interested in the event to make it more enjoyable in any way they think best, with the only caveat being common-sense range safety)

Mike and Howard both provided some 22 rounds, which will be on hand and available......primarily for the JROTC young people and the newbies, of course, but for everyone else as well...... : )

We'll have to do some serious thinking about investing in, and stock-piling, enough 22 to run the event without having to ration people down to some small number of rounds......after all, its meant to be a 'fun shoot', and that means burning a lot of 22 at the reactive targets, right?

All we can do, I suppose, is to try to find an 'angel' who likes the idea of the event, and is in a position to donate for a supply of 22......and, of course, we'll have no choice but to 'hustle' the attendees generally, to bring whatever amount of 22 rounds they may be willing to bring.

Rogue, would you be willing to provide a high-quality pie for the event? I'd re-emburse you for the cost of the pie, but I'd like us to have a really nice one, worth some effort to win.


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