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Sounds like we might have been at the same class. Starting October 23, 2009. My wife and I had never touched a handgun before February 2009, so all we had was the local rangemaster giving us a very good safety orientation and some good tips, and a lot of reading and self-range practice before Front Sight.

We took the 4-day defensive handgun followed by the one-day CCW class. My wife had used a .22 rifle over 35 years ago, but never used a handgun. After the class I've heard her tell people that she was a little intimidated by handguns before the Front Sight classes, but felt very comfortable now. She's also said that she was impressed with the treatment the women received. She kind of expected the instructors to concentrate on the men but was pleasantly surprised. Three instructors might have seemed a little slim for 44 people, but we found that they were always ready to assist anyone.

My wife got a lot of one-on-one and a lot of understanding. I had read comments on forums and blogs that they were supportive of women, but my wife's feelings clearly support those claims. There was a lot of information - one of our instructors called it like "drinking from a fire hose". That's close, but despite the volume, I feel like everything was touched enough so we can practice and refine now that we are home.

Lectures were very good. They covered the material very well and didn't seem practiced.

We got started by signing up for emails from Front Sight and watched different deals come and go. The main instructor, Wes, explained that they try to tailor classes for different types and balance the price and features. We got a Self-Reliance package that covers a lot of handgun classes and some open-hand defense and the CCW day. We slid in on a 2-for-1 deal for about $1,500 for lifetime attendance on all the classes in the package. But it wouldn't have been bad to get the $1,200 deal that they are doing a lot also - it usually comes with an XD pistol worth $600. I've seen where people have posted complaints about availability of these guns, but there were several there who used the guns from the deal. Afterwards the guns would have to be sent to an FFL near the student - but they had them.

One other thing - the grading for the higher certificates depends on speed. My wife used her Ruger SR9 and the safety slowed her down. I had my Glock (no safety) and I think next time she will either rent a Glock or will own one. The instructors really seem to like Glocks because of reliability and simplicity.

I had picked up some Blackhawk Serpa holsters on eBay for around $30 each. They worked out quite well. The release requires you to hold your trigger finger straight to release the gun so it is in the right (safe) place after drawing the weapon.

We will be back. From here out all the classes are free unless we go for rifle or other exotic stuff.
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