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I bought one of the heavily promoted, popular packages that includes 5 days of training (the last day is concealed carry permits from Utah, Nevada, and Florida that allow CCW in about 30 states). The package is $1199 and includes your choice of calibers in a Springfield XD, a belt and holster, a flashlight, and other goodies- all first quality stuff. It really is a good package. I subsequently bought a membership for $912 that allows me to attend the 2 and 4 day courses as many times as I choose.

There is no difference that I could see. There were members who paid no tuition alongside us who had paid for the course. I do not think they have a tiered course system at Front Sight based on price paid for the certificate.

Maybe I just happened to select a weekend when everyone else decided to attend, since others have said they experienced a smaller class size. But they certainly expect a volume of people with over a dozen ranges with at least 20 stations each.

I know that I chose that weekend because I thought the temperatures would be pleasant for the desert. For two days it was in the 90s and little breeze, and then a front went through and the temperature the next few days was in the 80s, then 70s with a lot of wind.

I think the training is good if you are a bit thick skinned and can learn from what others are doing. They do set up a shooter/coach pairing among the relays so you teach each other (and yourself) what you are supposed to do. That is good.

It may be that some of the women were reluctant to come in the first place and all the new information and stress of handling a pistol and reacting to the firing upsets them. I am no psychologist, and since I have been married 29 years it is safe to say I don't know much about women!
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