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I just got back from the Frontsight 4-day defensive handgun class, and I can honestly say that it was worth the time and effort. I'll echo the previous poster that there were a lot of women - including 2 deputies - and many law enforcement. The training was hard work and exhausting, but I feel so much more comfortable and confident with my gun. The instructors were patient and helpful, and extremely qualified. Lots of emphasis on safety and safe handling of firearms. If you can't spare 4 days, the 2-day is worth it, too.

Gotta say, I was very apprehensive about going there. 4 days of shooting? Yeah right. But I made it through, and ended up really enjoying it, although I really need a massage for my aching shoulders!

My husband and I took the class together - his second time. We coached each other, and I really appreciated his help. It didn't hurt that he gave me some things to work on before the class to prepare me. It worked for us, but sometimes it's best not to team up with your significant other.

The cost is high, but you can buy certificates on ebay for around $300. That's good for one 4-day or two 2-days. They do really push the membership stuff (reminded me of a time share presentation), but if you can ignore that, the rest of the info and training is great. After I've worked on my skills for a time, I'd like to go back and do it again.

Oh yeah, we did go to Vegas ahead of time for a few days. Next time, we'll do it after (shorter drive on the last day, and they have lots of spas in Vegas!!!!!).

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