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I think most people will agree that going from rimfires to centerfires or rifles to handguns is not "bumping up". It is simply moving over. OK, going from long guns to handguns may be taking a step down or backwards but, it's definately not "bumping up". Relax and let her decide what she wants to do. If you push her, it may turn her away from firearms and you too. I've had the pleasure of teaching more than a few females to shoot. Some of them just love shooting .22s and don't want to try anything else and others, well....lets just say that some women like the feeling of a bigger gun discharging. I know one female member here who hasn't been shooting too long but, last summer, she jumped on her bike and rode down to Coalinga to watch a FCSA match. She was a bit apprehensive but, she did get behind one and pull the trigger. I've got a picture of her with her 50 grin. I can't post it though. She's a bit shy and asked me not to. I taught another girl to shoot when she was about 13, by the time she was 14, she could handle my .44mag a lot better than I can. No joke, she's a damn good shot with it and I would have more luck if I just threw it at the target. As far as your girl goes, let her know that she doesn't need to shoot any gun but, all your guns are available for her to try if she wants to. If she's not having fun shooting, she won't want to do it anymore.
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