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Default please help get a good girl into shooting!

i posted this in another thread, but it seemed like a major derail. so i figured i'd start a new thread. i figure the insightful ladies could give me some insight into my issue.. thanks in advance, and sorry if y'all resent young men posting threads in this forum section. i didnt know, im new here!
so ive taken my girlfriend out shooting twice. i guess i should give some background.
my girlfriend is from thailand, is here on an F1 visa, has been in america for 8 months. its her second stay, her first one was only a month. as one could imagine, guns are not as prevalent in northern thailand as they are in the usa... she had only ever seen m16's before, being carried by the military over there. our first trip out, she was scared of all the guns at first.(there is also a somewhat substantial language barrier, when trying to explain the fine points of shooting. she is here to learn english, mainly.) i got her fixed up with my ruger 10/22, and it took her a good 5 minutes to get the first shot off. after that, i think she was hooked. followed all my suggestions on trigger discipline, safety, muzzle awareness, and actually did a darn good job of shooting the white flyer biodegradables i had set out for her. she went through about 60 rounds of 22lr, and decided she was done. i offered her some more shooting, but she declined. i didnt push her, figured it was already a bit of culture shock, and the smile she wore told me that the first trip was a success already. no need for overkill. she wasnt nervous about my ar bump-fire, actually got a few giggles out of it. (and so did i )
so second time out, is our first time to a private range, as in pay-to-shoot. i took with us my savage 93r17, and my m1a supermatch. i get lined up at 50yd, and make sure i hadnt inadvertently dropped the savage and threw it off zero. got a decent group at poa, and handed it over. this is her first time with a scope, and as such, cant find the target. (18x@50yd, who can blame her) so i keep a hand on the zoom ring, and go to max once she tells me she is centered on the target. she gets two groups around 3/4" using this method. pretty good, for a rookie. im a broke-butt youngster, so the half-hour is up by this time and i have to shift lanes to check sight-in on the m1a.
so, my question ensues. when is it time to bump her up to handguns and centerfires? when she asks to shoot them? she never really asks for anything, it might be cultural difference, it might be that she is easy to get along with, but i just thought i'd defer to the fairer gender in this scenario. i dont want to force her, i cant really be sure that she wouldnt accept just to appease me asking her... then she could be turned off to higher powered weapons forever. i dont want to make that mistake. i picked up a 9mm today, could that be a good segue? anyways, thanks, in advance, for your insight!!

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