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Hello, all,

Just a reminder, the upcoming 10th St. second Saturday event will be on this coming Saturday, 10 Oct., beginning at 1600. (public hours technically run until 1700, so some public hours users may be present until then)

Bring a newbie, bring food, and bring 22 rounds.

I'd really like to reserve the first two, possibly three, hours of the event for newbies and 22's, to keep the noise level down to a point more comfortable for the newbies. Later, there will be plenty of time for heavier handguns, and shotguns.....maybe we could call 1900 as the start time for 'larger than 22' shooting.....what do you think?

I still have enough, or probably enough, donated 22 rounds for the newbies, for this coming event. If the ammunition sales restriction bill isn't vetoed, tho, I may have to start requiring people to bring enough 22 rounds for themselves and the newbies they bring.

Last second Saturday, the Junior ROTC provided the food, and did the wouldn't be nice to ask them to do this again, so will some of the folks who are planning to attend the event be willing to bring some hamburgers/hot dogs/buns for the barbecue? Likewise, is anyone willing to bring a nice pie for the 'pie shoot' tradition, and/or some soft drinks? Please let me know, so we can plan the event.

If the event gets really busy, as it has in times past, I really shouldn't be away from the line very much, so I need to be able to depend on a small group of volunteers who will help the event run well.

For info, I plan to submit a motion at the next Rifle Club meeting, to allow suspension of the regular Saturday public hours fees, for the second Saturdays, and thereby have the second Saturday Outreach event begin at 1400, continuing as late as desired by the attendees. I'm reasonably confident that the Rifle Club membership will vote for that.

As the days grow shorter/colder, we need to decide whether to continue barbecuing, or just bring pizza, or some other munchies people will like. Being able to start at 1400, right at the end of the Juniors Programme time, will make the event a little nicer, I think.



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