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Here is my 795, I did the basic DIY following the R&D precision example. The paint is black and forest green textured Rustoleum(for plastics), and flat black BBQ ceramic paint for the barrel and magazine. The paint on the stock has held up really well and will withstand a good rubbing from a finger nail....with no more prep than a wipe down with a clean cloth. The BBQ paint is not so tough. The cammo pattern is crab grass from the patio. I painted the mag up until the top 1/2" or so, as not to avoid getting paint in the action.

For the texture I used Locktite "marine epoxy" from home depot, the plunger type. When I do this again I will try the "marine tex" as the locktite stuff settled a little too easily. I used an old toothbrush to draw the epoxy upwards to create small bumps for grip and up until the last minute or two of curing it would just settle back down pretty flat. The locktite has a cure time of 50 minutes. I chose that so I could experiment, and play it safe. At the very end I ran a brand new file over the semi hardened epoxy only pressing straight down to create hundreds of small grooves,but the paint filled them all in....too many coats. I did paint the texture before it cured all the way to try and better bond the paint to it, no problems there.

The scope is a BSA 3-9x40 with illuminated center dot(red, green, blue x lvl 123). It was 39.99 at big 5 on sale so I figured WTF, it's better than the 20 year old Tasco that was on there. I removed the front sight, just to make the barrel look like tacticool.

Thats about all I will do to this little guy(maybe a 20.00 bipod or something) The hardest part was the toothbrush epoxy thing, but i did not secure the proper texturing tool before I started so thats my was the best i had laying around.

Sorry for the dark pics....but the camera phone uploads so much faster and easier than grabbing the DSLR.

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