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Originally Posted by Glock21sfsd View Post
I have a question for you guys.............I drive to El entro allotand there is a border patrol checkpoint going both ways now. I read that if a LEO asks you to search your vehicle to say no, but almost half the time at the border patrol check points they want to look in my trunk and I let them. Should I say no and not let them? My thoughts are that if I say no they will pull me over to secondary and give me a hard time. So what would you do?
I have this same question. Last weekend we went out to the desert and during the stop on the way we told them we were looking for a spot to go shooting. They actually told us where to go. Now, on the way back, they had a girl stopped in secondary and her trunk was open. There were at least two illegals sitting in her trunk with their head popped out. I am going to assume that if they want to search your car they will give you a hard time if you refuse.
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