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Hi, Rogue,

Well, I'm sorry you missed out on the had started to become 'tradition' that the pie winner would cut the pie and share it out with the other people at the event......but the Juniors had to leave early. (I'd have liked a slice of pie myself, for that matter....oh, well, there's always another time)

Getting enough 22 rounds to run this event has me worried, particularly with this new law which appears to be intended to make it impossible, as a practical matter, to run events like this.

It would appear that all we can do is to do our best to amass some great stock-piles of 22 before this law goes into effect.

The Rifle Club can purchase 22 rounds from CMP, and I'll look into that. I have this creepy suspicion that there will be groups all over California flooding the CMP with orders for ammunition, hoping for a shipping date before the law goes into effect.

If I understand correctly, any rounds purchased by the Rifle Club from CMP may be used only in Club-related activities. The second Saturday event has, so far, been an informal event, in that, per the Rifle Club bye-laws, any Club member may invite any number of 'guests' to use the range, at his/her discretion.

If I can get a vote of the Club membership to make the second Saturday event an 'official Club event', sponsored by the Rifle Club, then it should be 'legitimate' to use CMP-purchase 22 rounds at the event. They cannot be 'sold' to anyone, tho, just 'provided for use' by attendees. Its an important distinction, from a legal point of view, that, as a non-profit entity, we can accept donations, but can't be appearing to 'sell' anything.


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