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Originally Posted by Turbinator View Post
I'll see if I can make up some kind of weatherproof signage that says breaking open the lock and damaging federal property is a crime, illegal, and perpetrators will be prosecuted. I dunno. Anyone know what the penalty is for damaging federal property like that?

Darn shame - I'm hoping other people read this and can help spread the word that this is NOT acceptable behavior AT ALL.

Laminate it.

If we see a BLM ranger this weekend we can ask them what the state code is for it. Usually signs with state codes look more official. Maybe find out what the fines are and put those on the sign

Something like:
Damaging federal property is a felony will earn hand your financial decisions over to the state, new roomates (all male), Free laundry, ocean views (in some cases) and free meals for the next 20 years
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