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Originally Posted by Turbinator View Post
Guys, update from Monday 9/14 - here is some disturbing information from the BLM park rangers:

With this type of barbaric behavior, we are looking at possibly losing another shooting site altogether! We need to band together to police this area ourselves and to ensure it stays open for all of us to use in a responsible manner.

I'll need help from everyone, lurkers and regulars alike, to help either stop or report dangerous or illegal activity taking place here at Panoche. With this type of stuff going on, we may not have a chance to continue utilizing this public land.

We'll inspect the condition of the gate when we get there on Oct 17th just to monitor, but it is a darn shame that people see a need to do this kind of thing.

Good God! What the hell is going on down there? We've got to catch morons doing this and set them straight or turn their butts in. How about posting something down at the sign in station stating that anyone observed damaging or leaving trash will be reported? Hate to get to this point but, this is one of the last of the few places where we can shoot freely.


Originally Posted by ar15barrels
Unscrew the lid. There is a foil seal there.
Pull the seal off and screw the lid back on.
Then you can squeeze the mustard and it will come out of the bottle..

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