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Hi, Wiki,

Handguns from 22 to 45 are alright, with non-magnum loads (38spl in a 357 or 44spl in a 44mag, for example), and lead, plated lead, or JHP/JSP bullets.

Military hardball bullets must not be fired at the old range, as they will sometimes, very rarely, cause 'bounce-backs'. (this is quite rare, but it can happen, and we can't take any chances with range safety)

22 rimfire rifles are alright, but I'll have to say 'no' to rifles in handgun calibers, as the increased velocity from the longer barrel lengths could, possibly, lead to a bounce-back situation. Again, this is extremely unlikely, but, again, we can't take any chances with possible safety issues, especially when there will be a lot of newbies and young people present.

Its a bit of a nuisance that having the old style back-stop at the old range means having to set limits on bullet types and velocities. If we are able to get the funding, we will have the old backstop replaced with a modern type which won't require those limitations.

(in all fairness, back when that range was built, no one ever thought that anyone would want to fire rounds other than 22, or 'wad-cutter' lead target bullets with handguns, at the range) and your family are quite welcome, just bring 22 rifles and handguns with lead or exposed-lead-tip types of bullets. If you'd care to bring some additional 22 rounds to donate for the newbies use, I'd really appreciate that.


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