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I'm afraid Mr. Hamblen is simply the Gary Gorski of Tennessee. I found him posting on a Ron Paul forum where he seems interested in re-fighting the Civil War. Even though I think his militia argument does have merit, this is hardly the time to be demanding machine guns. Does Hamblen not recognize how precarious the Heller vote was? Does he not recognize that Obama is busily reinforcing the ranks of liberals so that they can continue to rule against 2nd Amendment rights for the next 20-30 years?

Once again, we're confronted with the stereotypical lone nut who is more enthusiastic than realistic and threatens to take everybody else down the cliff with him. My concern is that in light of the Justice Department's brief in Heller where they expressed their fear that the NFA might not survive a strict scrutiny test, the Supreme Court might take up cases like Mr. Hamblen's and deliberately rule that either the 2nd Amendment is only subject to intermediate scrutiny, or that machine guns are special and subject to only rational basis test in order to placate DoJ. Either way, the Hamblens and Gorskis of the world, in their over-zealousness, threaten to ruin everybody else.
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