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Default September Rimfire Match

Ok, as Borat would say the August match was "Great Success!"

Nobody posted a perfect score, but it seems that several 390/400 scores were the best! Congratulations to all who participated! Thanx for making this a fun, challenging aspect of this Calguns forum. Maybe we could even get a sticky!

Here's the September target!

iron sights/reddots from 25 yds
scopes from 50 yds

Shoot 5 shots at each of the five targets from any shooting postion you like.

Center dot is 10 points and each concentric ring outside will score one less than the one inside it. 10/ 9/ 8/ 7/ 6/ 5 You touch it, you score it!

Please add up and write your score next to each target! Total all five scores!

Best score is 250!

Post your pics. Make sure to include firearm used, ammo used, conditions, and any other pertinent info!

Good luck! Have fun!

Now lets see some targets!!!
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