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Default On Target Indoor Range High Power Rifle usage information

Please refer to below as the quick information to use high power rifle at On-Target Indoor Range.

1. All potential high power rifle caliber firearm shooter need to take a safety/qualification class offered by On-Target. We offer this class every Sunday morning, 9:00AM and course fee is $20. There are no exemptions or exceptions to this requirement.

2. Shooter will be brief range specific safety rule and shoot to show proficiency during the safety/qualification class. We require shooters to shoot 3 shots group that’s 5” or less at 15 yards to qualify.

3. Once qualified, one will receive a permit good for two years from the date issued. Renew is required but free upon presenting original issued rifle shooting permit.

4. Lane 16-20 are On-Target’s designated high power rifle caliber firearms shooting lanes. All other lanes are for pistol caliber only.

5. High power rifle caliber firearm shooters will be issued a target hanger before entering the range, and are required to return the hanger back when they are done shooting.

6. Any damage to the target hanger, cable, wire or light will be charge a minimum range damage fee of $50 for each item damaged.

7. Largest high power rifle caliber allowed is .338 Lapua. Any caliber larger than that please contact range safety officer first before shooting. No .50 BMG allowed.
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