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It's actually a range specific safety rule review and shooting qualification. We hold the qualification class every Sunday morning at 10:00AM. Course fee is $20 and will get you a 2 years permit to use centerfire rifle caliber rifle at our range. With the $20 you also get free range time. You can decide to stay and wait for a rifle lane to open up after your qualification class (We usually have quite a bit of rifle shooters on Sunday morning), or you can pick up a free range time card and come back later. Since range time is $16 so what you really paid for is $4 for the class. You will need to do 25yrds, slow fire, 3 rounds in 5" group to qualify, and you have 3 chance to make it. By the way, Lane #17-20 are our dedicated rifle lane. All other lanes are pistol only.
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