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Originally Posted by MrNiceGuy View Post
Yah! FAQ for booth noobs (me) please.

Besides the AK I "might" bring a "complete" LaRue AR.
It the LEO at the checkpoint coo with all the AR/AK/EBR come through the gates (legally configured)?

I don't want my baby getting taken away for no good reason.
Bring that AR .

The door LEOs are used to seeing EBRs. After all, Cold War Shooters tends to work this show and PRK has made at least one appearance in the past. You'll have plenty of support even if you do somehow managed to get hassled.

The booth FAQ is really simple, and can be learned in the 15 minutes before the show. I'm not kidding when I say that it mostly consists of doing what you do here on Calguns. Point people in the right direction to find out about CA gun laws, encourage them to donate to CGF and get active locally and nationally.

It's more about what not to talk about than it is what to talk about. If you can avoid it, try not to talk about non-gun politics. Obviously if someone brings it up and wants to vent you can listen, but you may not agree with them and probably don't want to engage in a protracted debate.

The last Cow Palace show I worked we were set up right next to a Truther booth, so we got a few people with their tin foil hats screwed on tight wander over to us. You don't want to call someone a nut and discourage involvement based on their other views and opinions if they're willing to help fight for the 2nd Amendment with us. Likewise, if someone wants to push for legalizing medical marijuana or gay marriage you don't want to get in a debate and turn away a potential ally from that end of the spectrum either.

In short, do as Bill Wiese advises and avoid mixing issues. We have a hard enough fight as it is to defend our gun rights without distractions and internal strife and disagreements.

Finally, there are certain gun related topics you may want to avoid bringing up due to the sensitivity of the topic or due to the complexity and difficulty explaining it in a 5 minute gun show conversation. Unloaded open carry is a prime example. If someone is interested in the subject, point them to the forum and the wealth of information available on the subject here.
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Stop duping answers, help expand the FAQ.

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