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Current crew schedule:

Saturday: Stormfeather (all day), MrNiceGuy (all day), GammaRei (all day; tentative) Lateralus (all day), QuarterBoreGunner (all day)

Ivanimal (8-12), JDberger (8-12), Ghost (12-3), SJGunGuy24 (12-5), Librarian (12-5), VladButsky (Saturday afternoon preferred)

Sunday: Stormfeather (all day), GammaRei (all day; tentative), Lateralus (all day), Marshaul (all day, tentative)

TheDrickel (12-5), Oaklander (12-5)

In but shifts unscheduled: Berto (tentative; needs ride from Berkeley), Steyr_223 (tentative), Dr. Peter Venkman (tentative), DanTodd (tentative), Movie_Zombie (tentative).

I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a person or two. Please post if you can make it and what shift you want to take.
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