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Originally Posted by wildhawker View Post
One suggestion for a presentation concept that has worked beautifully in other areas: you may find you reach a greater cross-section of attendees if other types of firearms are represented at the table as well as the AR/AK platforms. That said, AR/AK pistols are less common and could incite serious interest from those who've just seen 300 rifles at Cold War but nothing that looked like *that*.

Having 20 variations of EBRs at the table may be interesting to some, but how about a slow bolt, lever, python and 1911 (maybe an IPSC open gun?) being there as well?

Last thought- holding an AR rifle may be intimidating for some of the wives/girlfriends who attend with their gun-loving significant other. I'd really like to see us have a less-imposing option for those females interested in something they can use bedside, for plinking or whatever their needs. I'm thinking along the lines of a CZ75/Glock/XD.
Agreed. Showing something for everyone will get us mass appeal. As for pistols, it would be great if people could bring some off roster stuff to show people what isn't available for sale from dealers to non-LEOs (Pink Mosquito, anyone?). A tricked out 1911 or two will be nice for demonstrating to competition folks what they are missing out on, and give them a reason to want to donate. As for the crazy unique stuff, I wonder if PRK will be able to loan us anything as well...

I would also suggest that not everyone carry their rifle in a sling, or carry anything at all (except perhaps pamphlets). As Brandon said, it helps with the approachable factor. At the same time, having at least one or two people holding a firearm where it can be seen and touched also lets the folks not carrying them start conversations with the curious looking onlookers and passersby.

Still, options are always good to have, so we'll have to bring lots of goodies.
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