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Originally Posted by oaklander View Post
Can I bring my AK pistol?
Please do. I was going to post a request that people bring sample OLLs/firearms, but you beat me to it .

Please bring examples of various off list rifles and pistols that demonstrate the unique features of California compliance. We've already got at least an AK pistol on its way on Sunday, as well as a couple ARs (MMG and dedicated .22), and at least one AK with fin grip on one day. If Ivan brings a selection of his rifles, we'll probably have plenty on Saturday, at least in the AM .

If you are comfortable leaving a rifle with us either while you attend the show, or know someone well enough that you can loan them a rifle to keep at the show one or both days, that would also help. Post or PM what you have to offer, as we will be best served with variety. Unique stuff like AK and AR pistols draw crowds, as do any other random and off the wall goodies (anyone got an AOW or C&R SBS they can bring for demonstration purposes?). We can keep your guns "hands off" if you like, but it would help tremendously if you're willing to let people handle them.

Also, if you are planning to bring one of your firearms, a sling is a great thing to have as well. Actually holding the rifle and getting it off the rack to make it more visible is a fantastic conversation starter, as anyone who saw the January show can attest. This will also help if you have a loaner rifle you don't want us to leave unattended, since we can keep it with us at all times.
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