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Default August rimfire match


Thanks for the encouragement. I am still kicking myself for that last shot.

My first target post from Aug 3rd is on page 3 one post before your target. Also are pics and description of my 10/22.

I have made all the accessories myself. Barrel retainer block w/set screw, extended mag release, bolt headspace mod and the rear bolt contour. Last is the scope base I made with about 15 moa built in. Bedded the receiver so tight that it is difficult to get out of the stock. Made a custom bushing that acts like a recoil lug which is also bedded with tight tolerances and a stainless steel take down bolt all made in my home shop. Last thing installed was a Volquartsen extractor using the stock spring.

Keep up the positive matches. Fun for all to enjoy. August (my birthday month) has been a success.

Thanks for the thread.

Ed Roberts
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