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Originally Posted by HondaMasterTech View Post
Shot the 795 again today. Put about 300 more rounds through it. Some failures to eject later on. I used a dental pick to clean the buildup from the bolt face. Problem solved.

Went to around 150 yards. Group was about 3". Pretty decent. Shot a 9mm sized hole through a quarter. Pretty cool. Exploded some cantelopes. Had fun. Still happy with the 795.
What ammo are you using? Sounds like some dirty stuff. I shot 100 CCI minimags, and probably another 300 of the winchester bulk pack (which was dirty compared to the cci) and I only had one failure to fire, and I think that was because of the bullet, not the gun.

Did you break your gun down and clean it before firing it the first time? From the responses here, I did that, and didn't have any problems with it.

I took it home from the range and broke it down and cleaned it, ready to go again this Saturday w00t.
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