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I'm not going to beat up on you. You're entitled to your opinion and I respect that.

As for the rest of your point, I get what you're saying, but I've seen too many felonies involving murder, rape, and drugs get swept under the rug. If someone commits one of those, then I don't think they should be allowed to rejoin society so they can just do it again. I especially don't trust their judgement with a gun. If someone is busted for selling pot, then they deserve what they get. They made a conscious choice to disregard society's laws and now they will face consequences. If it affects their family, then maybe they should have thought of that before they committed the crime.

I've had family members and friends hurt by felons and it really gets me sick. I even had a 92 year-old grandfather beaten to death in his own home during a home invasion late at night. He gave them what little money he had, but was unable to find any more because it was all in the bank, so they beat him to death. Sorry, but for crimes like that I don't buy this "paid my debt to society and I'm clean now" argument. I know a gun would have given him a chance, and that's why I keep mine loaded in a mini-vault, but that still doesn't excuse the goblins who killed him.
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