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This goes to show how with deep preparation & skill we can beat the opposition. It helps when nationally-recognized experts are on our side.

I already knew we had a buncha smart guys in the room, but to see how well the presentation(s) were choreographed - esp in the face of very short time limits in part due to crowded F&GC agenda - was stunning.

Time limits were pressing so presentations had to be reduced to their core, and things had to be kept tight & concise.

[And one of the experts in our holster was the scientist involed in taking down the FBI ballistic lead matching 'evidence' (before this takedown, if dead guy had a lead mix somewhat matching that of the box of rounds on your shelf, the FBI'd say you were guilty of killing the dead guy. This was proved to be junk science and is no longer allowed.)]

But you feel damned good when you see a 4-1 vote against

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