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Originally Posted by obeygiant View Post
Thank you to everyone that attended and presented before them!
"But wait, there's more!" Isn't that what they say on TV?

We all saw the "presenters" and they did a great job. But, as the late Paul Harvey used to talk about "the rest of the story" there is much more to this story. Much of it will never be spoken about in public, but an important part needs to be told now.

Because of scheduling allotments, speaking time was a critical factor at the CA Fish & Game Commission hearing. Time limits had been imposed on the presenters and the only way to receive an extra minute was to have another person "cede" their time to you. That extra minute made the maximum possible time for presentation four minutes each.

Four minutes does not seem like a lot of time, but when you only have three minutes to start with -- that extra minute means quite a bit. So, the presentation had to be planned-out in advance. And that's what we did.

But where would we get those extremely valuable minutes????

I gave my time to Ed Worley, other good folks in attendance gave their time to others on our team. We received time from COHA representatives and CALGUNNERS at the hearing so it was truly a team effort.

Without everyone doing their part and working together we could not have won. And don't forget all of those calls, letters, emails and faxes. They made a tremendous difference for our side.

So, as Mr. Harvey used to say on the radio, "Now you know, the rest of the story."

Thanks for being part of the team.

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