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Originally Posted by Noonanda View Post
have yo

u made any 10/30 ak mags using rivets, Im wanting to do this but dont want to F up a good ak mag
Yes ive made some. There is a hole in the mag body perfect for the rivet, and on the floor plate I drill through and put in a rivet, which also drills through the plate on the bottom of the spring. I use solar tacticals solid 10/30 block, and the hole in the mag body drills through the internal block to lock both together. Nothing moves its all solid , and the black rivets make it all look original to a point. In this pic you can see the rivets, barely. I had recently bought usa floor plates and it was difficult drilling out the rivets, and at the same time removed the block and cut off some as it was only holding 9 rounds, both rivets were difficult to get out, so im sure they will work great and be very hard to take apart, unless drilled out. Its also hard getting the rivet down correctly, I blew through the rest of the ones I had, as my rivet gun would snap them off to early and they would be loose, maybe there is an art to it but I finally got them tight and flush.


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