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Default August Rimfire Match

Ok July had 9 posts total!
I guess I suck at this!!!
So, here's my last one...unless there is more participation! I'm sure someone else could do better!

Put a metal garbage can at 10 feet and unload all the ammo you got. Post your pics!

Just kidding!

Shoot this easy target printed at 100%:

Shoot from 25 yards with irons/red dots
Shoot from 50 yards with scope

Take 3 shots at each target. Add up you totals.

**BONUS** For each row of three targets that has all nine shots inside the three black 10 point dots ---add 10 bonus points to the total score!

30 30 30 (+10)bonus
30 30 30 (+10)bonus
30 30 30 (+10)bonus
30 30 30 (+10)bonus

Max score = 400 points

Post your targets and scores!

Have fun!

Come on Calgunners... post some targets!
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