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Originally Posted by L8Apex619 View Post
How close are you to the published max loads with the 4064 and/or Varget? If you still got room to spare, just bump it up...

Otherwise, here's a list of commerical powder ranked by burn rate.

FWIW, Sierra suggests a MV of 2700 FPS for their (150 grain) accuracy load using N140, which as per the above chart ranks just below the 4064. BLC-2 ranks right around the same as 748, both of which (according to the chart) burn faster than Varget or 4064.
I've tried each of the top three loads Sierra suggests for the 150 SMK using Varget, 4064 and now BLC(2), and they all shoot around 200FPS slower than the published data in my 20" Rem. 700 VTR. I've gone a little past their max loads, till i started to see some pressure signs, but i didn't gain that much.

I guess that's just the way it is, which for the SMK's is no big deal because I'm just punching paper, but I had wanted to use Hornady's GMX bullets for hunting, however it looks like they like higher velocities to really open up and I think 2500FPS might be a little slow.

Looks like Barnes for my lead free killing.
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