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Default Large pin colt upper to small hole KD lower?

Got a friend over here who wants to go shooting in CA with a friend. Well lol. he was all ready to bring his COLT Sporter to CA!!!!!!

Yeikes! I told him that it was an AW in CA and the guy had no idea! So I offered to lend him one of my BB KD lowers with 10 round mag, but he has the colt 20" Big pivot pin uppers.
Is there an adapter we can order? The only adapters I see are to use a small hole upper on a large hole lower, but not the other way.
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At best, many vendors at the show typically see Californians as the drooling kid wearing a crash helmet riding in the back of the short bus- not least that you don't have any gun show money because your retarded steroid-shooting governor can't pay your state income tax refund because they spent it all on the illegal Mexicans who broke into your house while you're away at the gun show. To them, you're just a plain old sappy idiot, and probably a lib'rul who smokes salvia while driving.

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