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I am also 19. The day I turned 18 I learned what the California cool off period was with the purchase of my big 5 special - Mossberg 500.

I was originally pulled into the firearm realm through the Scouts. And I was pulled into the Scouts by my marine father. Thats where I learned what firearm safety really meant, as well as what being a true red blooded American meant

I am currently a member of the NRA and reaching towards my degree in political science and history in hopes that one day (which could be tomorrow if I were able to get connected to the right people) be able to protect the second amendment and our rights as free Americans.

In the last week I yet again entered the far fetched and oh-so-fun cool off period with my new DD's ranch Stag arms complete lower AR-15 assembly (still need to find an upper). And I hope that this is the second of many firearms that I will come to own.
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