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Virgin trunion does not have the stock holes milled out. Yes it is considerably thick, hence the use of the word milled.
This can be accomplished by drilling on a drill press. It may also be accomplished by a hand drill.

Advice here is to NOT go by the receiver, instead get your measurements by the stock and its components to get a sold wobble free fit. This may mean egging out receiver holes and fixing them later.

Below, I assigned alphabets to decrease confusion and typing.
Item #E has six holes. They are not all same. Three are larger than the others.
Large one is where you insert the pin #H from.
Item #C had two axis pin holes and they both are also NOT same!
Large one is where you insert the pin #H from.
Item #H All three are the SAME.

Insert item #C as shown and the stock. line up the holes.
Insert #A inside #B and install (from the left side) in the receiver through the stock

Insert #D inside #E.
Insert into receiver through #A
Line up Hole in #A and the long slot on #D
Insert #H (pin) through the holes. This pin will protrude out from both sides on #A
Insert this pin #H into the slot milled on the right side of the trunion/receiver (shown in the picture below - bottom-right, red arrow)

Hand tighten #E onto the threads of #A. Line up the hole with slot on #A.
Install pin #H. Use a punch or a mallet to get it flush down with #E

Insert #G followed by #F, keeping the pin hole in #F vertical

While holding in the push button #F, line up the holes on #C, #A, #F and #D and insert the last #H through them(as shown below-left) Tap the pin #H down and it will hold tight

You are Done installing an under-folding stock!
CA residents continue below...

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