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Originally Posted by bigboarstopper View Post
Any dog that dosent want to hunt just dosent. its the dogs choice. Like the saying goes "you cant make a dog hunt". Like I have said before. I take all the best precautitions for my dogs. I buy the best most expensive protective vests for them, feed them the best food I can afford, keep them in the best physical shape. I have invested in the best field medical kit that would rival an ambulance. These dogs take a huge ammount of time and training. Nothing makes me more proud than watching them work. They are happyest in the field doing what they love. If i stopped hunting today It would break my heart watching them sit at home doing nothing. I dont believe for a minute they hunt for me. Most of the time im hunting for them.

+1 to that. I've never done any pig hunting (yet) but I started hunting birds over dogs at 10 and you couldn't have nailed my beliefs any closer. Hunting dogs want to hunt, period. It's hard to describe the excitement and pleasure you see in them starting when they see the guns go into the cab, then when the tailgate comes down they come all undone.

There is danger inherent in hunting clearly, but any hunting dog would much rather go down hunting then wither away at home. So would I. Guess that makes me a hunting dog.

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