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Installing the Gas Block(GB) and Front Sight Base (FSB)

Measurements - The barrel comes in at 16.065mm and the GB is at 16.02. This is borderline, so I go ahead and start to press. I have found the yugo M70's kits to be very good when it comes to fit. Should your difference be over .04mm - .05mm, sand down the GB hole as we did for the trunion..

You can go about this in a few ways. Suite yourself.

I do not press in 100% the GB and the FSB, because I suffer from a compulsive disorder involving matters such as proper line-ment.
Just cannot stand the "cant" - A term used to describe the GB or the FSB leaning to one side, not in a perfect line.

After you lube it up and place the FORWARD SLING MOUNT LOOP, line up the GB as best and centered as you can.. Observing the GB from the rear sight as if you were aiming, will give you a good idea.

Then I go ahead and press in about 1/4" ONLY.

Be CERTAIN that you (the ram is) are pressing on the barrel

we have not pinned the barrel or the RSB yet !!

This allows me to correct the cant later, using a mallet.

Now that the GB it abot 1/4" on and will not simply fall off, I take linement again.
here I use a common sewing thread to line up my GB.
I hold in place the thread from t he very end of the receiver (through the RSB) to the muzzle.

Use a mallet to line the GB up, if needed.

I used a laser here. Kinda helps. You will have to get the laser projection just right and then check for linement.
Line up the muzzle and the rear trunion. Set it in place and then look for variations on the Rear Site and the Gas Block

Now put together your Front Site..

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