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Pressing in the Rear Site Base (RSB)..

This RSB self centers on front trunion, as tolerances are tight. The receiver/trunion is 24mm even and the RSB width is 23.90mm

The barrel at the point (where RSB is going to slide over) is 18.6mm and the RSB hole is almost 18.55mm. Lube it up.

Push on the barrel and no where else. Remember, we don't have a BARREL RETAINING PIN YET. If you apply pressure anywhere else other than the barrel, you will be affecting/disturbing the HEADSPACE. I keep it this way so I can adjust for "cant" - Avoiding canted Gas block, canted Front Site Base FSB.

The RSB will stop once against the trunion/receiver, as shown with RED arrow. Again dont keep this tight. It may push on the trunion. Let go as soon as the RSB reaches there. Dont push on it.

Clean out the extra grease. It keeps the project neat and tidy, plus it helps with refinishing later. Check the RSB so it is square and not canted. If it is canted, get that 3 Lb. mallet out! You can also get creative and use a vice to correct the cant. Be careful not to ding up and marr the project.

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