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Barrel Instillation - Our barrel is white with no holes. Its a virgin too..

This section may also be referred to when changing out a barrel or installing a new one in any kit.
i.e. AMD kits come without original barrel.

Barrel Address / Markings. This is a matter of preference, I like all (or as many as possible) my barrel marks, proofs, bore info to be facing up. They should be visible as soon as the upper hand-guard is taken off. So I make that determination now as to which side is up.

Now for the extractor cut out.
The depth of this cut into the barrel is about .050" That is roughly the average I have taken.

BTW there are NO hard and fast rules on this cut. Use a grinder or a dremel. The smoothness comes with experience. You may want to practice on a metal chunk before destroying a good barrel. Here is a late model Bulgarian factory cut. This is what "the factory" is doing now.

The cut out should be wide enough to accommodate the area marked below on the bolt face. And yes, the bolt head does turn/swing to lock.

Another illustration

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