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Having installed the bullet guide we will check to see how it operates. It also assists in the turning (and locking) of the bolt head!
As the barrel is not yet installed, we have plenty room to get in and smooth things out with a file or dremel - if need be.

Again, we start with the bolt head alone and see now it rides into the locking lugs AND turn. The objective here is to achieve the smoothest ride possible while the bolt head rides (as far as it will go) up and locks into the lugs

All new bolt heads have sharp edges and corners. I used a new marker to lay a thick black coat on it so I will know the snagging points.

Note only the locking arms/lugs and their edges is where I am interested in ...

Here it rides in decent, (can easily get smoother)

And now it locks (turns about 20 degrees towards selector side).It took a lot of time and wiggling for it to lock and about just as much getting it loose. I repeated this step a few times to understand the relationship and snag points (each rifle is unique when you reach this step). I also have the black marker on the bolt head to aid me.

And here we get to see the highlights.

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