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These steps are imperative if you want a smooth action AK.
You can get yours as smooth as one that has been through 1000's of rounds
without wearing out the barrel, ejector, extractor or the firing pin.

Run the bolt head on the rails, there is a good change it will be stuck at the ejector. Use a file to get the area of the ejector down so the bolt head may pass freely. Be be careful not to over do it.
The whole point is to have the largest ejector possible while attaining a smooth clearance.

Now although it does pass very smoothly, it is slightly canted/pushed towards the selector side..
That means it may still snag if run complete with a bolt carrier.

So to make certain we have a smooth/snag free sliding of the complete bolt assembly, (past the ejector) we try it out.
Needed a little more tweaking.. but i got it just right.

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