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Originally Posted by armygunsmith View Post
A few 2111's here, but I haven't seen any other 45B's. Aberdeen is a beautiful place. I always liked listening to them test firing ordinance in the middle of the night.
Though I wore many hats during my 10 years of active service my primary MOS was 45B (Small Arms Repair).
Last duty station was with the 203rd MI Bn at Aberdeen Proving Ground as NCOIC of the Foreign Weapons Training Section.
Here's a pic of some of the goodies I was responsible for-

We had a 1 week course on the history, disassembly/assembly and employment of various Combloc/threat small arms which ended with a day on the range firing the weapons the students received instruction on.
Had a lot of SF types, Rangers, Marines from Quantico, State Dept. types and folks we didn't know who they were come thru our classes.
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