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LaRue Stealth 16" mated with Noveske lower. Aimpoint CompM3 used after sightin' in the Stealth's Troy flip-up iron sights. Bench rest with sand bag.

PMC .223 55gr FMJ-BT at 50yds. Thought I had it sighted in ok.

Shot some "go to" Black Hills 5.56 77gr Match HP-Moly at 50 yds to compare.

Moved on to 100yds. Here's the PMC. A second 10 shot group was similar.

then shot a group of the "go to" at 100yds. Somehow, I convinced myself the "go to" was more "centered":

moved up to 200yds. Here's first group of PMC. The second group was also similar:

then the Black Hills:

This mall ninja internet warrior learned a lesson. Zero better at 50 yds.
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