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Back to Angeles today with some reworked loads. I bought a Hornady bullet comparator and OAL length gauge that allowed me to seat my 175 SMK loads at various distances off the lands. It turned out that my standard length load at 2.205 OAL (2.800 COL) was a huge .085" from the lands. I tried seating .020, .015, .010 and .005 from the lands. Best group of the day was .005 from the lands and yielded .487 MOA at 100 yds with no signs of excess pressure. For further improvement I'll probably have to get the rifle off the bipod onto a solid rest and bag.

Chrono results for this were 2608 FPS average with 33.11 ES and 10.8 SD. This was with 42g Varget and CCI BR-2 primers in CBC brass.

Hopefully the group of guys with big gold chains that were next to and upwind of me today continuously talking and laughing loudly while chain smoking won't be there next time. Even with double hearing protection on they were still making me crazy!


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