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They look very nice, but I have a few questions. I like subcompacts, but prefer DA/SA and an external safety that's not 1911-style. Not pulling the trigger to remove the slide would be a bonus, but not necessary. Does this gun have these characteristics?

How are the dimensions (width, height) compared to a Kahr PM9 or P9 or a Baby Glock? The S&W site doesn't have any information, just overall length 6 3/4", and the roster says it has a 3.5" barrel.

Are the 3913 and the 908 the same except for the price?

Is there an external safety? Is it 1911 style or does the safety also decock it? The S&W site says N/A.

The 3913 is DA/SA, correct? Does it have second strike capability if you get a light primer strike?

Do you have to pull the trigger to remove the slide?

Thank you for the reviews.
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