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Originally Posted by mcat707 View Post
what barrel adapter did use for that muzzle break? TWhat thread size? Link?

I would like to put an AK74 muzzle break on my WASR22 but dont know where to get the barrel adapter?
I wish I could help you out, but it was just kind of a fluke that it worked out. I grabbed this brake in the "parts for sale" section here on Calguns for $10, just to see if I could get it to work. It *was* threaded with a single hex bolt to keep it secure, but I did not want to get into threading my WASR barrel. So, I had my dad bore out the threads about 1/16th of an inch and add a second hex bolt to it (he's good that way.) Now, it just slides over the end of the barrel and is secured by two, loctited hex bolts. I have shot about a hundred rounds through it so far and it's holding up just fine! I wouldn't do the same thing with a larger caliber rifle, but it's working fine for this little .22 - and it looks cool!
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