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Originally Posted by GSequoia View Post
So then is it confirmed that if somebody had large capacity magazine for the Marlin 70 it would work in a 795?
The one 10 round capacity clip-magazine I got from cdtx2001 works perfectly in my 70. That's what Marlin calls them, god knows why.

Originally Posted by cdtx2001 View Post
I don't know if anyone else has covered this, but here goes...

The 795 seems to be an upgraded model 70. The model 70 didn't have a synthetic stock or the feature that holds the bolt open on the last round. The 70 and 795 use the same mags.

I bought my 70 years ago from B5 and payed about $120 for it. It's been a great shooter, and still is. Back then, there were hi-cap 25rnd mags available for it. I bought all that I could and am glad I did. I've added a scope and a bipod lug. I've noticed that over the years, my trigger has almost become a 2 stage. I've figured out where the slack is, then after that is where the hammer drops. The distance isn't much and takes a little bit to find it. This is the best varmit gun I have.

It seems that some are having difficulty finding mags for their 795s. I've got about a half dozen each of the 7rnd and 10rnd mags I could part with.
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