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Originally Posted by rkt88edmo View Post
I have a Model 65LS. Stainless steel 3" K-frame .357. if my lady takes a liking to it it is all hers, otherwise I think it is a great midsize magnum.
I have seen on other forums, male members liking the underlug of the LS version of 3" mod 65 over standard version so they had the Ladysmith marking buffed out!

Small chance but I may be acquiring a 3" standard mod 65-5 for free or cheap soon

I may actually seek out a set of those grey Ladysmith grips for my standard 3913. And I do remember the NL version of the 3913 as well.

Anyone ever hear that story how that tiny m frame .22lr revolver S&W made in the old days used to be favored by "ladies of the evening", lol!
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