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Running on my OSX Mac (yeah, I know, I know... ) and Adobe Reader 8.1.4 I get size differences in the font.

1. Name (Capital prints as 5/16" high) is bigger than 2. address (Capital prints as 4/16")

4. county, 5. telephone, 6. trade/business is VERY big (Capital prints 6/16") but it all fits in the blocks perfectly.

The whole credit card name/number data block is the same (on second look, the address block is a bit smaller, barely more than 2/16"), but smaller than anything above it (Capital prints 3/16") - actually, I'd vote for all of it to be this size. The 'I am paying...' is the same size as 1.

9. information for each... is fine. (Capital prints 4/16") What's the right word for the 'position' of an individual? 'collector'? 'individual'?

Name of CLEO is same size as 1. name, and Address of CLEO is larger, apparently same as 4. Still all fits in the space on the form.

It's all perfectly readable and all fits on the form.

Beats heck out of my handwriting!
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